Carpet, short rear bumper protector
Battery, dual, jump start feature
Bumper protector, stainless steel overlay
Church truck compartment - closed well w/door
Dome lights, rear compartment, LED (6)
Drapes, 1-piece, deluxe swag on rear side and
loading doors
Drip rails, polished aluminum, over all 5 doors
Floor Hardware:
   • Bier Pin, adjustable, rear
   • Bier Pin, stationary, dual front (2)
   • Rollers, (10) with 90 degree rollers at sill plate
   • Skid plates, chrome plated (8)
Headliner, front, commercial style - provides 4” of additional interior head room
Landau bows, chrome with gold Federal emblem
Locks, emergency unlock switch, unlocks the driver's door
Locks, rear interior loading door override, push rod
Pin striping, standard pattern, includes back door
Sail panel / motif area, chrome Federal coach lamp and nameplate
Shadow boxes, recessed shadow boxes, lighted with embroidery and drapes, embroidery on casket load door, pleated side panels and interior wheelwell covers
Sill plate, polished stainless steel
Full size spare tire, underfloor storage with access door
Suspension, switch activated, reduces load height, automatic airbag recovery
Umbrella and sign storage, open - stainless steel - under partition
Vinyl top, full, tuxedo, elk grain or corsican
Wheels, aluminum
6-year / 60,000-Mile conversion Warranty
Casket Door Opening Height: 37.5 " / 92.25 cm
Casket Door Opening Width: 42.0" / 106.68 cm
Chassis Extension - Wheelbase: 35.6" / 90.42 cm
Floor Length: 116" / 294.64 cm
Floor Width: 45.0 " / 114.30 cm
Loading Height: 27.5 " / 69.85 cm
Overall Height: 68.0 " / 172.72 cm
Overall Length: 252.0" / 640.08 cm
Overall Width: 78.5"/ 199.39 cm
Rear Side Door Width: 46.5 " / 118.11 cm
Wheel Base: 153.0" / 388.62 cm
Width between Wheelhouse: 45.0" / 114,30 cm
Created by B.I.D.S. Communications